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dog exercise is great for your dog

How to Safely Commence a Dog Exercise Routine for Your Overweight Dog

Dog exercise is beneficial for both us and our dogs! Whether it be playing in the back yard, walking at the park or a swim at the beach, the rewards of regular physical activity are endless. Improved mental alertness, improved cardiovascular output, improved mobility and musculoskeletal health are just a few benefits you and your […]

Joint pain, ligament injury and lameness are common in overweight dogs.

Dog Arthritis, Lameness and Ligament Injury- Is it Linked to Weight Gain in Dogs?

Dog arthritis, lameness and ligament injury often go hand-in hand/ paw-in-paw with overweight dogs! Here are four reasons why dog weight gain (carrying excess weight) is bad for joint health and your dog’s mobility.  1. Weight gain predisposes to early onset dog arthritis. With 1 in 5 dogs estimated to be arthritic, osteoarthritis is the single […]

toxic dog foods lurk in your pantry

11 Pantry Items Classified as Toxic Dog Food

Are you aware of the 11 Common food items found in your pantry and fridge that are considered toxic dog food? Is your kitchen dog safe? One of Maxo’s favourite past-times is watching and “helping” me cook. In his oh so helpful way he will plonk himself at my feet ready to catch any fallen […]

Healthy weight dog

3 Steps to Discover if you have a Healthy Weight Dog.

It is a fact- many of us have no idea whether we own a healthy weight dog! A 2012 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that 46% of pet owners with overweight and obese dogs failed to recognize their dog as being above a healthy weight range. * Surprising? Well unfortunately not, […]

Is Exercise a Priority in Helping your Fat Dog Lose Weight?

I love to get out and about with my “previously” fat dog, Maxo! To explore the great outdoors partnered by my exuberant and inquisitive canine companion is a sure fire way to start the day on the right footing. The benefits for us both, in terms of physical and mental well-being are immeasurable. Not to […]

How to Buy a Quality Diet Dog Food

Browsing the dog food aisle and don’t know where to start? “Light”, “obesity management”, “healthy weight dog”, “reduced fat”, “reduced calorie”, “optimal weight”- the options for diet dog food are endless and it takes groundwork to know what’s what! So to help you and your pooch out, here are three basic guidelines to cut through […]

The Canine Obesity and Overweight Dog Epidemic

Why is the overweight dog population continually on the increase? Based in the northern part of Australia, Maxo was not alone in his canine obesity struggle. A short amble around ‘the block’ would regularly include crossing paths with several other ‘well fed’ and much loved overweight dogs. Looking further afield,  the growing trend in overweight […]