How It Works

The K9 Weight Challenge is 12 week dog weight loss plan that helps dog owners achieve a healthier weight for their 4 pawed friend.

Receive support throughout your dog’s weight loss journey with access to our on-line community of fellow K9 Weight Challengers and via your weekly K9 Weight Doctor Video and Email series.

The K9 Weight Challenge is a supportive and encouraging platform where we can help one another in helping our dogs achieve ultimate weight loss success. Together we can ensure our dogs live happier, healthier and more active lives.

The program commences at sign up with a 7 day preparation phase. This is immediately followed by the 12 week dog weight loss plan.

The 12 Week Program

This is a veterinarian-led dog weight loss coaching program.

  • Dogs are fed according to their own specially calculated calorie allowance.
  • The program provides food portion breakdowns with the option of an inbuilt treat allowance.
  • Select from three activity programs which will safely introduce fun, games and play into your dog’s exercise routine. The activity plans gradually increase in time and intensity reaching a maximum of 45 minutes of dedicated daily activity – preferably split into 2 sessions. (We also have a program suitable for disabled and non-ambulatory dogs.)
  • Track your dog’s progress on your dog’s very own statistics page. Plot dog weight loss, measurements and activity. Upload photos.
  • Learn to manage mindset, emotions, habits and the human-pet bond to your dog’s weight loss advantage.
  • Receive weekly motivational coaching videos from the K9 Weight Doctor.
  • Receive the K9 Weight Doctor Email series which will support and guide you through the program. Delve further into dog weight loss and associated dog health topics.
  • Join our private facebook group for encouragement from like-minded members. Share your goals, dog stories and aspirations & celebrate your victories and successes together.
  • Access veterinary feedback and support through private facebook messaging and via our facebook group
  • Access the site anywhere and at any time – we are mobile friendly!
  • 30 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


This program is not suitable for

  • Pregnant or lactating dogs.
  • Dogs under 1 year of age.
  • Dogs under 18 months of age if a giant breed.

Preparation Week

In readiness for your 12 week dog weight loss challenge we have 6 simple pre-challenge tasks to complete during preparation week.

The tasks are designed to prepare your household and to ensure you have a suitable dog food supply for the program, so that you can ensure your dog achieves the results they deserve.

Your pre-challenge tasks are immediately accessible upon sign up. We recommend completing the tasks as soon as possible so that you can give your dog their best chance of weight loss success!

  • Doggy Profile
  • Target Weight and Calorific Intake Identification
  • Diet Food Selection and Meal Portioning
  • Activity Plan Selection
  • Food & Habit Survey
  • Goals and Milestone celebrations

Essential Pre-Requisites

There are two essential pre-requisite pieces of information required for this dog weight loss plan.


Pre-requisite 1 – Your dog’s current body weight

Pre-requisite 2 – The calorie content of your chosen dog food.



  • The greater the time and effort put into completing your pre-challenge tasks the better! As a minimum please set aside 1 hour to complete your dog’s profile and feeding and activity questionnaires. An additional half hour should be sufficient for recording your dog’s initial weight and measurements.
  • During the preparation week, you will need to factor in time to source your dog an appropriate diet food.
  • During the program aim to set aside a minimum of 15 minutes per day to visit emails/member site and your dog’s stats page. If you have longer to spare- great!
  • Activity – at program commencement we start with 2 x 10 minute dog activity slots per day. By the end of 12 weeks this will have grown to 2 x 30 minute activity slots per day (dog walking, play and off-leash activity.)


Specialized Diet Food for Dog Weight Loss

  • A low calorie, high protein diet is essential for this program.
  • Either commercialized ‘diet/light’ dog food, or specially formulated home-cooked ‘diet’ recipes are acceptable. Food selection guidelines and recommendations are provided in your member’s area.
  • Food selection and provision should be completed prior to round kick-off. Ideally start introducing your dog onto their diet food 4 days prior to kick-off.


Kitchen Basics

  • A set of digital kitchen scales (for accurately measuring out your dogs’ meal portions)
  • A measuring cup (size is not important but ensure you use the same cup throughout the program)


Household Basics

  • Measuring tape
  • Bathroom scales (for dogs weighing less than 20 kilograms) – digital scales are best
  • Camera/phone- to take progress pics of your dog!

Participant Exclusions

This dog weight loss program is not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs or for dogs aged under 1 year of age (or less than 18 months if a giant breed).

The K9 Weight Challenge recommends all canine participants receive a general health check by a veterinarian prior to commencing weight management programs.

Our weight management principals and calorie restricted diet programs are in accordance with current veterinary research: 2014 AAHA Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.


The K9 Weight Challenge program encourages fortnightly weigh ins and measure ups.

Regular digital bathroom scales are suitable for weighing smaller dogs however for dogs weighing over 44lb (20kg) we recommend using walk-on dog scales. These are available for use at your local vet clinic and some pet retail outlets. Alternatively in-home versions may be purchased through various on line retailers.

* The K9 Weight Challenge recommends the Redmon 7475 large digital pet scale

(NB. large breeds will need to sit to fit on the scale platform)