Activity Plan Selection

K9 Weight Challenge Activity Schedule Overview

Physical activity has huge benefits for both ourselves and our dogs. Whether it is a sedate evening stroll through the park or an uphill trail run with your dog, both you and your dog can enjoy the rewards of improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Exercise is an important part of the K9 Weight Challenge program. Regular physical activity will help your dog:

  • Improve their mobility
  • Build muscle
  • Burn calories
  • Improve their mental alertness
  • Improve dog-owner engagement
  • Improve dog socialisation skills
  • Improve obedience and on leash behaviour
  • And most importantly have fun!

Canine activity plans complement and compound weight loss achieved through calorie restricted dieting. On our program at least 90% of your dog’s weight loss will be due to calorie restriction with the rest coming down to exercise! The K9 Weight Challenge has three guided activity plans to choose from so you can find a plan to suit your dog’s mobility and fitness level.

We also cater for elderly and disabled canine participants who are currently unable to exercise or who have very limited mobility levels. Significant weight loss can be achieved through dieting alone. The K9 Weight Challenge provides dedicated diet plans suitable for non-active participants.