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Welcome to the K9 Weight Challenge- a revolutionary coaching program that supports owners to achieve optimal health and happiness for their dogs through successful dog weight loss.


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Hello I’m Dr Charlotte Williamson (also known as the K9 Weight Doctor). I have created the K9 Weight Challenge to help you achieve the very best life for your dog- a life full of vitality and play! After many years working as a clinical veterinary practitioner I have witnessed thousands of pet owners struggle to manage their pet’s weight.  And in turn I have witnessed many dogs battle weight associated illness. Health issues such as arthritis, respiratory illness, diabetes, heat stroke and tumours are commonly suffered by overweight dogs and sadly more often than not, these ailments cut dog’s lives short.

Despite my own intentions and the best intentions of my veterinary colleagues, rates of successful dog weight loss remain low. Over the years I have pondered this point and have concluded that:

Dog weight loss may be simple but it is not easy!

Simple because we all know that in order to lose weight: calories consumed must be less than calories burnt! Right?

However successful weight loss goes beyond numbers and figures. It’s about behavioural and lifestyle change. Successful dog weight management & dog weight loss plan involves working on household habits and emotions, identifying food vices, managing pet behaviours, implementing suitable activity and calorie restriction programs and understanding healthy dog nutrition. And most importantly successful weight loss depends on a dedicated household and a motivated owner.  It’s fair to say that dog weight loss is not easy, unless you have the right guidance and support!

Hence, my development of the K9 Weight Challenge. At the K9 Weight Challenge our sole purpose is to guide and support you and your dog through an easy-to-follow 12 week weight management program. Our program is suitable for a wide range of dogs (toy breeds to giant breeds, city dogs to farm dogs) and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. We are not a “boot camp” style program that sets unrealistic levels of exercise and we do not require you to purchase specific aids or foods. Instead we will teach you tools to develop a suitable dietary intake for your dog and create your dog a healthier lifestyle. By nurturing the human-pet bond and rewiring habits, together we will makeover your dog’s future and enable your dog to rediscover their lost health, vitality and play.

Are You Ready to Take The Challenge?

What you get with the program

  • Weekly motivational K9 Weight Doctor videos
  • Dog weight management resources & tools
  • Awareness tools to manage household and owner habits
  • Insight into the pet-owner bond and its implications for successful weight loss
  • K9 Weight Doctor emails to guide you every step of the way to successful canine weight loss
  • Positive and proactive support from a community of fellow dog owners
  • Individualized dog calorie plans
  • Weekly activity plans (recreational fun)
  • Individualized statistics page with real time charting and progress indicators.
  • 30 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Take Control

Let’s not settle and think it is normal for our dogs to act old before their time, and let’s not think it is okay for them to lose their drive for play. Because at the K9 Weight Challenge our mission is for all dogs to live exceptional lives!

Why not reward you faithful and loved friend with the most valuable gift of all…the ability to live life to the full!

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